Cape May is home to a wealth of natural beauty, from cedar lakes to pristine beaches. But there is also a wealth of interesting people, charming shops, gourmet eateries, homegrown artists and daring souls. SALT is an effort to bring some of that flavor to light. Featuring the best in Culture, Art, Retail and Dining, SALT is digital magazine. Yes, you can buy a hard copy if you like, but they are print-0n-demand (meaning they print them one at a time) so they’re a bit pricey. Usually around $50 each. The digital version is only $4.99. Despite a great deal of requests, we have no plans to print hard copies of the magazine regularly. It’s simply too cost prohibitive and would mean having the junk up the magazine with unwanted advertising. Them’s the breaks.

We are no longer selling through iTunes. Sorry.

As for the magazine itself, we began with the idea of emulating the best of North America’s regional magazines, but we’ve settled somewhere between a periodical coffee table book and a journal, which we prefer. Even the best award-winning regionals have tons of shitty ads. So SALT is mainly images with short bursts of copy. Not many ads, not much in the way of long-form journalism. That said, with the exception of the CONCEPT ISSUE (which you can download for free by the way), all of the other issues have been well over 200 pages.

Welcome to Salt.

~ David Todd McCarty, Publisher